Saturday, September 11, 2010

Unruled - Butchers Of Warfare (2010)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

I've been meaning to post this album for quite some time now but I could never find a decent download. But damn will it be worth the wait. Unruled's "Butchers Of Warfare" is easily my favorite full length release of 2010 so far. Unruled formed back in the early 80's in Montreal but didn't stick together long enough to release anything but an EP. Now they have reformed with Chany & Sam of Inepsy as permanent members. First thing I've got to mention about this album is Pat God's interesting guitar work. I've never heard somebody use delay like this, especially on the title track, Iraq Attack, and Screams Of Fear. Chany's vocals are exceptionally good on this album as well, perfect choice for a frontman. The production is another strong point here, I haven't heard bass guitar sound this good in a long time. Any Inepsy, GBH, Discharge, or Exploited fans will drool over this album.

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