Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Government Warning - No Moderation [2006]

Richmond, Virginia never fails to deliver when it comes to hardcore punk. Government Warning is a fast as shit, aggressive, and adrenaline fueled monster of a hardcore act. Super catchy hooks and vocals here. Definitely leaning more towards the punk side than thrash. This is definitely an album you're going to want to take a listen to if your in for a fun, pissed off, fast, coffee induced computer chair mosh bananza.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Severed Head Of State - Power Hazard LP [2007]

This band has completely blown my mind. Just discovered them two days ago and after a quick spin through their discography I have decided this release is my favorite. The Power Hazard LP is huge, it's got 14 songs and killer production. The vocals on this LP are so great, some of the best hardcore punk vocals I have ever heard. Think Mike V & The Rats meets Pantera meets Sepultura. The songs are incredibly catchy and so heavy. I could only imagine myself running through concrete buildings while listening to this LP. Listen to it, or I'll kill everyone you have ever loved.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Midnight - Complete & Total Fucking Midnight [2005]

I don't know why it took me so god damn long to find this band but holy shit they are good. These guys bleed Motorhead, Venom, and Toxic Holocaust worship. The songs are catchy as hell and very well done. The production is iffy at times but it varies throughout the album (it's a best of compilation). The best track is by far Lord In Chains. It's the perfect old school speed metal song, but done by a new school speed metal band. Midnight is DEFINITELY worth a listen if your into Motorhead, Venom, Toxic Holocaust, and Inepsy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

DÉTENTE - Decline [2010]

Detente returns after a two decade break with an extremely ferocious comeback! Fronted by new member Tiina Teal, Detente is as strong as ever. This is what all female fronted thrash metal bands should sound like, Tiina does such a great job displaying her vocal chops with this release, she is definitely the highlight of this album. The albums got a handful of tasty riffs but nothing mind blowing. The production is pretty killer, the raw feeling is very evident but doesn't get in the way at all. One of my new favorite 2010 releases, Detente's "Decline" presents itself as a raw and ferocious compilation of pure thrash.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Malignant Tumour - In Full Swing [2008]

Malignant Tumour is a heavily rock and roll influenced crust punk band from the Czech Republic. This band is hilarious, it's some of the most killer crust I've ever heard. It sounds a lot like a mix between Inepsy and Wolfbrigade, and throw a bit of AC/DC in there too actually. Lyrical themes revolve around getting drunk as shit, fucking things up, fucking people up, and killing shit. Malignant Tumour is set to release a new album this month.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alcoholator - Drunker Than Thou [2010]

First of all, let me make it clear I haven't abandoned the blog, I am just waiting for more releases to pop up this year. It's been fairly slow since the end of April when Razormaze popped out their new EP. So I bring you Alcoholator tonight, a brand new thrash band from Montreal, Canada featuring Abusor's Matt Butcher on vocals and guitar, and guitarist and drummer from Under The Grave. This 5 song demo is a very refreshing reminder that the thrash scene is still booming. Alcoholator surprised the shit out of me when they appeared out of nowhere in February on Thrash Unlimited. Their tracks are catchy as hell party thrash anthems. Every song revolves around getting drunk as shit and fucking shit up, whats new eh? They definitely do it right, though. Every song is as catchy as the last and the production is fairly good. Total Bay Area Wankery here, bleeding Exodus influence all over. The band released it for free today so don't feel bad DL'ing it, enjoy!

Promo 2010 | By Jessica Labrie | Alcoholator ( Demo Online NOW + Bassist Needed)