Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Razormaze - Miseries [2010]

Razormaze released this EP on Tuesday @ midnight for free. Its got three new songs on it and all of them tend to continue where they left off with True Speed Of Steel. The production is a lot better than the production on TSOS and the vocals are unbelievable. A lot more pitchy than they were on TSOS. Think Anthrax/Toxik/Bonded By Blood. All three songs are great and wont leave you disappointed. Karma In/Karma Out and Miseries Of The Flesh being the better of the bunch.

Wastelander - Wardrive [2008]

Wastelander is a pretty even cross between Hardcore Punk/Thrash/and Black Metal. The vocals tend to change throughout the album. With cleaner vocals on the first half and more raw Black Metalish vocals towards the end. Best track is either the title track Wardrive or Desert Law. Not the best album from 2008 but it's still a fun release and worth a listen. Music is in the vein of Motorhead, Venom, and Mayhem.

Pisschrist - Nothing Has Changed [2006]

Another Pisschrist release, this one from 2006. Seriously some of the funnest Crust/D-Beat I have ever heard. Really fast, really aggressive, really brutal. If you like Pisschrist's stuff, go ahead and download this because you wont be disappointed.

F-Minus - Wake Up Screaming [2003]

F-Minus is a Crust/Hardcore Punk band from Huntington Beach, California. Wake Up Screaming is easily my favorite release from them and contains some really good crust. They have thing for alternating between male and female vocals and it works really well. Best songs here are Out Of Reach, Sweating Blood, The Iconoclast, and the title track Wake Up Screaming. It's hard to compare these guys to other bands but I would have to go with a mix of The Exploited, Discharge, Public Nuisance, and kind Nuclear Assaultish vocals on both the male and females part.

Discharge - Never Again [1982]

This is somewhat of an early greatest hits collection from UK D-Beat/Hardcore Punk legends Discharge. It's really a good compilation. It's got State Violence/State Control, Prince Of Silence, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Drunk With Power, and a lot of other great Discharge songs on it. Production vary's throughout the LP. Vocals have a lot of reverb for most of the compilation but it sounds fine.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Disgust - A World Of No Beauty [1996]


Disgust is an old D-Beat Crust band from Aberdeen, UK. This album is really heavy for a Crust album. The production is really thick and the music is really consistent. Keeps the same general sound throughout the entire album. Disgust are somewhat of a cross between Discharge, Wolfbrigade, and Pisschrist. I'm sure you have already noticed the common crust staple of mimicking Discharge's logo and name. Just some really straight forward crust here with some really impressive guitar solos throughout the album.

Nuclear Death Terror - NDT [2006]

Another brain fucking release from Nuclear Death Terror. This one is a full length LP from 2006. Not as badass as Total Annihilation but it's still some really high quality crust. This ones got 11 songs.

Nuclear Death Terror - Total Annihilation [2009]

Nuclear Death Terror is fucking insane. This EP contains 3 skull fracturing Crust masterpieces. Easily my favorite release from this band. Nuclear Death Terror's sound is incredible. The production is near perfection. Combine Pisschrist, Wolfbrigade, Toxic Holocaust, War Ripper, and Sodom and you pretty much have Nuclear Death Terror. And holy shit check out that album art!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines - The Global Cannibal [2003]

The Global Cannibal is Behind Enemy Line's follow-up to Know Your Enemy. Continuing where the left off with KYE Behind Enemy Line's only gets more aggressive with this album. Slightly more Hardcore Punk oriented than before. This album is often looked upon as their best release to date. Personally I'm a bigger fan of Know Your Enemy but The Global Cannibal is definitely still a fucking great album.


Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy [2002]

Behind Enemy Lines is some extremely aggressive Crust/Hardcore Punk with a ton of Thrash influence. Lyrics mainly based around political issues. Seriously, this is one of the most pissed off albums I've ever heard in my life. Production is really heavy and thick, really works well for the album.

One of the best Crust/Hardcore Punk albums released this decade.