Thursday, September 30, 2010

Extinction Of Mankind / Phobia - Fearing The Dissolve Of Humanity [2010]

Genre: Crust / Grindcore

Just decided to check out Extinction Of Mankind (UK), I've known of them for a while but never got around to actually giving them a listen. As of right now I've heard their full length "The Nightmare Seconds" and this release, this one definitely coming out on top. Great straight up crust here. Nothing special, nothing very different, just good crust. Great release for fans of Instinct Of Survival and Guided Cradle. I can't really say much about Phobia since I'm not really into Grindcore, you be the judge on that. Production is good throughout the album.


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  1. phobia is like a broke ass Dystopia and Dystopia is broke ass fuck enough