Friday, May 21, 2010

Whiplash - Power & Pain [1985]

Power & Pain is possibly my favorite Old School Thrash album of all time. This album never fails to deliver full speed, energetic, skull breaking Thrash anthems. Every song on this album is a single. The riffs are some of the most intense things I have ever heard come from a guitar. Tony's unique riffing style is really what makes this album so great. I couldn't think of another album that displays Thrash in a more pure form, not even Bonded By Blood is as thrashy as Power & Pain. Everything about this album is near perfection, the only downside is the overly crunchy production. Power & Pain will not fail to deliver you quality Thrash Anthems.

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Poison Idea - Blank Blackout Vacant [1992]

Poison Idea is one of the most interesting Hardcore Punk bands I have ever heard. They have a certain uniqueness to their sound that so many bands don't even get near. Drawing inspiration from the whole spectrum of fast music, were thinking bands like Black Flag, Motorhead, Discharge, 7 Seconds, Bad Brains, and The Misfits but they have this certain edge to their music. The vocals are definitely Poison Idea's trademark, think Danzig but really drunk and happy. The guitars are great and have a lot of Blues and Classic Metal influences. Poison Idea is seriously one hell of a band worth checking out. The songs on this CD just get better throughout, you never get bored. Some really fucked up weird shit going on in the last two songs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Violator - Annihilation Process [2010]

Annihilation Process has managed to pick up exactly where we left off with Chemical Assault. Violator hasn't changed their style much at all. Production is the same, very sharp and ear piercing at times. The vocals are still that kind of high pitched early Whiplash (Power & Pain) style. I find myself enjoying this album far more than Chemical Assault, though. The songs are written a mile better than they were on CA, they have had four years to work on this surprisingly short full length and I think it came out nicely. In conclusion, a much more interesting release than Chemical Assault without changing their style much at all. 

Children Of Technology - It's Time To Face The Doomsday [2010]

Children Of Technology return to the Metal Punk hall of fame with their first full length release to date! It has always amazed me how Children Of Technology had managed to develop such a strong and dedicated fan base in a three year time span without releasing a single full length. They have 8 previous releases before this one since 2008, consisting of 1 demo, a DVD, 4 splits, and two singles. These guys are Metal Punk Machines, releasing new material constantly. Now enough praise, lets get to the music itself. This album is so fun. Children Of Technology are the only modern band I have come across to date that can capture the energetic and catchy sound Motorhead and Discharge were playing throughout the 80's. The music is so incredibly entertaining, true rock and roll spirit. Astwulf's vocals are so unique and add so much to the band. The production on the record is fair, really bassy, but still good enough to enjoy to its full potential. Great release from one of my new favorite bands. These guys rule the Italian Metal Punk Wasteland with an iron fist.

Children of Technology members (Click to see larger picture)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laceration - Realms Of The Unconscious [2010]


Here's Laceration's brand new EP straight from their MySpace page where they have posted it for download. Let me tell you, this is some of the best Death Thrash I have heard from this whole decade. It doesn't get much better than this. Laceration is definitely for fans of Demolition Hammer's "Epidemic Of Violence" or Warbringer's new "Waking Into Nightmares". Heavy as hell and very likely to fracture skull within the first two tracks. Enjoy.

Tracks must be downloaded indavidually. 
Don't sweat it there's only three.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exodus - Exhibit B: The Human Condition [2010]

I think it's safe to say Exodus has surprised the shit out of me with this release. I honestly thought it wouldn't be any better than Let There Be Blood. I have never been a fan of Rob Duke's vocals until now. He really pulled off something great here. On another note, everything about this album is great. It's very consistent and keeps you interested all the way through. Great opening track with unbelievable shredding by our Thrash gods Gary and Lee. The production is perfect. Everything is balanced. The guitar tone is incredible as usual with Exodus. This album kind of has a new Testament feel to it. I think you will all be very surprised with this album and let Exodus back into your lives. Fuck this album is just great.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oiltanker - Crusades 7'' EP [2010]

Oiltanker is some extremely heavy Crust/D-Beat from Connecticut. Fits along the same lines as Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist, Wolfpack, and Uncurbed. This EP is great from all angles. Production is crisp and has one of the best snare drums sounds I have ever heard. The drums are really the highlight of these guys. Complete mastery of the D-Beat with lots of added tricks. Definitely a band worth checking out.

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Head over to their MySpace and listen to No Remorse. Should be enough to convince you to take a listen.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wolfpack - Lycanthro Punk [1998]

Wolfpack (Presently Wolfbrigade) is probably my favorite Crust/D-Beat band of all time. I could listen to anything they have released in either the Wolfpack or Wolfbrigade era over and over again and never get bored. I have never heard such a perfect blend of aggressive as hell D-Beat with Metal before in my life. It's so incredible. But instead of listening to me go on and on about how amazing Wolfpack is, just listen for yourself. 

A Global Threat - Until We Die [2000]

A Global Threat formed in 1997 and broke up in 2007. Since then they have released four wicked Hardcore Punk albums. My favorite being "Until We Die". A Global Threat's sound lies within the same league as Public Nuisance,  Wasted Time, The Casualties, The Virus etc. The album contains typical Hardcore Punk lyrical themes: Anti-Racism, Anti-Rich Assholes, Anti-Government etc.

Wasted Time - No Shore 7'' EP [2007]

Wasted Time is possibly the best thing to happen to Hardcore Punk this decade. Some of the best shit I have ever heard. This is their No Shore EP from 2007. I actually ask myself all the time if I like this EP more than their full length Futility. This EP contains Wasted Time's best song "Hostage". A fucking modern Hardcore Punk masterpiece. Productions is great for an EP. Enjoy.

The Skuds - Hellbound [2007]

The Skuds are another great D-Beat/Crust band. Much along the same lines as Nuclear Death Terror, Pisschrist, and Uncurbed. I can't really tell you much more about this band. I just found out about them about 10 minutes ago. Head over to their MySpace for more info.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines - One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God [2007]

Behind Enemy Lines is seriously one of the best bands I have ever heard in my life. They are without a doubt one of the best Crust/Thrash bands to ever exist. Featuring Dave Trenga of Aus Rotten on vocals, Behind Enemy Lines delivers the most perfect blend of Metal & Punk you could ever imagine. One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God is BEL's third studio album and just as punishing as the earlier releases. The lyrics are like always extremely political and anti-government. This album features one of their best songs "Gutter Religion". I'll leave you with some lyrics, hopefully enough to convince you to listen to this.

America has been conquered by a fundamentalist crusade 
That holds god above our heads to keep the masses afraid
We’ve surrendered sensibility to a morbid spirituality
Shackled by what passes as Christian morality

Opening the bible for justification to close millions of minds
Beating back evolution with “Intelligent Design”
Displaying the flag, side by side, with the crucifix
To sanctify the marriage of religion with politics

In an effort to shield conservatives from a political loss
Jesus, himself, has climbed down from his cross
And while he’s warmly embraced at the GOP’s political rallies
His enemies have been banished to the closets and back alleys

Forever cast out by the “party of inclusion”
That triumphs in the nation that suffers from delusion
Constructing god’s church on a foundation of oppression
Dragging our society down the pathway of regression

Independent thought has been stamped out by indoctrinated opinion
We’ve descended into the depravity of this gutter religion
Christianity infects America like a spiritual plague
Spreading putrid intolerance with their “moral” tirades

They try to whitewash their hypocrisy with more insidious lies
But in the ethical gutter is where their morality resides
Get down on your knees if you want to exist 

Ignorant superstition
Bigoted tradition 

Because god rules this country with an iron fist
Indoctrinated opinion
Gutter religion

Zealotry is summoning god’s vengeance for threatening voters
With the fires of hell and natural disasters
Parting the political waters for the conservative ideologues
God has granted sole authority to his moral watchdogs

There will be no mercy for those who resist 

Ignorant superstition
Bigoted tradition

Because god rules this country with an iron fist
Indoctrinated opinion
Gutter religion

Rule of law- under the iron fist
Sexual preference- under the iron fist
Women’s rights- under the iron fist
Indoctrination under the iron fist of god

Education- under the iron fist
Social funding- under the iron fist
Science and medicine- under the iron fist
One nation under the iron fist of god

Polluting the fields of education, science and medicine
Corrupting the FDA to deny access to emergency contraception
Criminalizing all facts and theories that contradicts the bible
Because when the truth discredits religion it becomes undesirable

Put on a pedestal by the right-wing extremist 

Ignorant superstition
Bigoted tradition

Because god rules this country with an iron fist
Indoctrinated opinion
Gutter religion

God has become obsessed with turning back the tide of progress
Erecting Christian dogma over a snuffed out social conscience
Our nation pledges allegiance to a divine abomination
That drags us in the gutter to bask in moral degradation