Sunday, March 21, 2010

Exodus - Bonded By Blood (1985)

1.Bonded by Blood03:47[view lyrics]
2.Exodus04:08[view lyrics]
3.And Then There Were None04:44[view lyrics]
4.A Lesson in Violence03:53[view lyrics]
5.Metal Command04:16[view lyrics]
6.Piranha03:49[view lyrics]
7.No Love05:10[view lyrics]
8.Deliver Us to Evil07:10[view lyrics]
9.Strike of the Beast03:58[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:55

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pisschrist - Victims Of Faith (2008)

Victims Of Faith
Shortsighted Youth
Same Old Shit
Run For Your Life
Rise Up
Rip Off
Punk Is Love
Neverending Nightmare
Left For Dead
Fatal Control
Bullshit Media Attack
All Out War

Monday, March 15, 2010

Evil Army - Evil Army (2006)

1.Edge Of Destruction00:43
2.Evil Army02:00[view lyrics]
3.Driven To Violence01:18[view lyrics]
4.Realm Of Death03:57[view lyrics]
5.Wrong Approach01:13[view lyrics]
6.Sgt. Says Kill01:52[view lyrics]
7.Conquer Human Life03:28[view lyrics]
8.Severe Mental Disorder01:06[view lyrics]
9.Relentless Assault02:36[view lyrics]
10.Satan Made Me Do It00:46[view lyrics]
11.Scum Of The Earth01:13[view lyrics]
12.Watch Me Fall03:27[view lyrics]
13.Friday The 13th01:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:57

Mortal Sin - Face Of Despair (1989)

1.I Am Immortal04:42[view lyrics]
2.Voyage Of The Disturbed05:03[view lyrics]
3.The Infantry Corps03:51[view lyrics]
4.For Richer For Poorer04:45[view lyrics]
5.Martyrs Of Eternity05:11[view lyrics]
6.Innocent Torture04:12[view lyrics]
7.Suspended Animation04:56[view lyrics]
8.H03:19[view lyrics]
9.Terminal Reward04:34[view lyrics]
10.Robbie Soles02:32[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:05

Razormaze - The True Speed Of Steel (2009)

1.Dawn of the Shred03:19
5.Bleed on Command03:50
8.Slave to the Maze05:10
Total playing time32:30

War Ripper - Hell Storm (2007)

1.Violent Death02:14
2.Hell Storm02:08
3.It'sYour Death01:58
4.Bombs Dropping to Hell02:34
Total playing time08:54

Municipal Waste - The Art Of Partying (2007)

2.The Art of Partying02:04[view lyrics]
3.Headbanger Face Rip01:51[view lyrics]
4.Mental Shock01:48[view lyrics]
5.A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Destroyer)02:12[view lyrics]
6.The Inebriator02:07[view lyrics]
7.Lunch Hall Food Brawl01:58[view lyrics]
8.Beer Pressure02:37[view lyrics]
9.Chemically Altered02:21[view lyrics]
10.Sadistic Magician02:09[view lyrics]
11.Open Your Mind01:55[view lyrics]
12.Radioactive Force02:27[view lyrics]
13.Septic Detonation01:20[view lyrics]
14.Rigorous Vengeance02:12[view lyrics]
15.Born to Party04:20[view lyrics]
Total playing time32:00

Wasted Time - Futility (2009)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Wasted Time is the perfect example of what new Hardcore Punk should sound like. No band around today keeps the energy of HC Punk at a level as high as these guys do. Considered by many to be the poster boys of the Richmond, VA hardcore scene, Wasted Time do not disappoint with their debut full length "Futility". The music is fast, the vocals are aggressive, the production is great. There's nothing to dislike about this album. For fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, and Municipal Waste.

Mystik - The Plot Sickens (1992)

1.Intro01:25[view lyrics]
2.Reflection of the Dying03:20[view lyrics]
3.Psychosis04:08[view lyrics]
4.Commandment04:39[view lyrics]
5.Death to All (Peace at Last!)04:28[view lyrics]
6.Method of Madness06:53[view lyrics]
7.Red Rum04:27[view lyrics]
8.Laid to Rest04:03[view lyrics]
9.Evil Oil04:30[view lyrics]
10.The Plot Sickens06:16[view lyrics]
Total playing time45:00

Toxic Holocaust - Evil Never Dies (2003)

1.Evil Never Dies01:20
2.War Is Hell03:23[view lyrics]
3.Enemy of Jesus02:54
4.Damned to Fire02:03
6.66602:08[view lyrics]
7.Summon the Beast04:28
10.Dead to the World02:43
12.Atomik Destruktor03:16
Total playing time32:11

Monday, March 8, 2010

Zombie Holocaust - Strike Force (2009)

2.Impending Death00:28
3.Strike Force02:48
4.Illegally Dead03:30
5.Psychological Torture02:12
6.Boba Fett03:25
7.Massive Attack02:33
8.Mootz ov Ophen01:46
9.Millions of Dead Zombies04:17
10.*Bonus Track*08:44
Total playing time29:17

Wolfbrigade - Prey To The World (2007)

Pray / Mindprowler / Hide And Seek / Done Got Wise / Dogmas Corrode / Digging Graves/ Waist Deep / Why I Fight / The Lifecycle Has Turned / Prophet Of Woe / The Sweeter Hell / Prey

Gama Bomb - Half Cut EP (2010)

1.Cellar Dweller02:03
2.Curry Chip00:44
3.Deep Red02:51
4.Welcome Back To Life03:19
5.Exhumed Maniac02:10
Total playing time11:07

Cross Examination - Menace II Sobriety (2008)

1.Return Of The Shredder01:55
2.Maximum Overchill01:44[view lyrics]
3.Necroponics02:29[view lyrics]
4.Unlimited Chainsaw01:15[view lyrics]
5.Arson Party Squad02:51[view lyrics]
6.Collateral Jam-Age02:19[view lyrics]
7.Thrashin' For The Cash In (Royalty Check)01:35[view lyrics]
8.Raid Your Fridge00:57[view lyrics]
9.Menace To Sobriety02:22[view lyrics]
10.Blackout03:11[view lyrics]
11.Operation Devastation01:06[view lyrics]
12.The Wimp Chipper03:32
Total playing time25:16

Carnivore - Retaliation (Remastered) (1987)

1.Jack Daniels and Pizza00:55
2.Angry Neurotic Catholics02:48[view lyrics]
3.S.M.D.02:27[view lyrics]
4.Ground Zero Brooklyn04:40[view lyrics]
5.Race War05:56[view lyrics]
6.Inner Conflict05:03[view lyrics]
7.Jesus Hitler05:17[view lyrics]
8.Technophobia03:56[view lyrics]
9.Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix cover)03:07[view lyrics]
10.U.S.A. for U.S.A.03:21[view lyrics]
11.Five Billion Dead03:02
12.Sex and Violence03:51[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:23

Blunt Force Trauma - Good Morning America (2007)

1.Intro- Instrumental01:07
3.Portrait of Efficiency03:27
5.Good Morning America02:24[view lyrics]
6.Code of Silence02:38
7.Uncommon Heroes02:44
Total playing time16:22