Sunday, October 24, 2010

Citizens Patrol - Dead Children EP (2008)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Ultra fast hardcore punk with loads of crossover influence from the Netherlands of all places... Vocals are very aggressive and sound kind of like a disgusting monster mix of Wattie of The Exploited and Tony Foresta from Municipal Waste, which is good. Really damn good production here as well. Terrorist Attack will destroy you, badass mind busting ballsack of a track indeed. For fans of Direct Control, Municipal Waste, Wasted Time, Chronic Seizure. That's all for tonight, more posts some other time this month.

Chronic Seizure - Ancient Wound (2008)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Super aggressive thrashy hardcore punk from Chicago. Really bassy production and the guitars are fairly muffled but it shouldn't get in the way of your listening too much. Lots of thrash influence here, more aggressive than your run of the mill hardcore punk band. Great release for fans of Nightstick Justice, Citizens Patrol, Public Nuisance, and Toxic Narcotic.

Career Suicide - SARS EP (2003)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Reaaally good EP right here. Probably my favorite Career Suicide release. The opening track "Quarantined" should be enough to convince you that this band is worth checking out. Best hardcore punk the Great Canadian North has to offer. For fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time.

Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide (2006)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Sorry for the long break from posting, just got lazy, anyways you can expect a bunch of shit tonight. First up is Career Suicide's "Attempted Suicide". Energetic, super charged, pissed off Canadian hardcore punk for you here. Great production, pissed vocals, fast drumming, all in all great sprinting down the side of a mountain music. Great for fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time, Citizens Patrol, Annihilation Time, Social Circkle, and Socialcide.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Annihilation Time - III: Tales From An Ancient Time (2008)

Genre: Hardcore Punk / Rock & Roll

Oh man what a find this was. Surprised it took me so long to hear these guys! What makes people smile? Hardcore punk bathed in juicy riffs and rock and roll, that's what. This band is so fun, catchy as hell and just plain chill. Great for fans of Poison Idea, Inepsy, Motorhead, Government Warning, and...... Led Zeppelin.