Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Acid Reflux

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Acid Reflux is an energetic band from Albany, New York playing fast, old school, and top notch hardcore in the same vein as Nightstick Justice, Socialcide, Wasted Time, and Direct Control. They currently have three EP's all kicking the same amount as the one before it. Check em out.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mammoth Grinder - Extinction Of Humanity (2009)

Genre: Crust / Death Metal

Been a while since I've posted anything really heavy, so here it is. Mammoth Grinder is an ultra heavy wall of sound from Austin, Texas playing extremely dark crust / metal in the same vein as Instinct Of Survival and Nuclear Death Terror. Probably the closest thing to death metal you'll ever catch me posting. Just found these guys a few nights ago, I saw the amazing album artwork poking around online and had to check it out. Good choice, definitely a good listen for fans of Instinct Of Survival, Nuclear Death Terror, or even Obituary.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Token Entry

Genre: Old School Hardcore

Just got recommended these folks on allmetalforums, nothing like a bit of old school hardcore. Token Entry formed in Queens, NY back in 1980 and released two killer full lengths in the last half of the decade. The thrash influence is very evident throughout their discography, more so on Jaybird than From Beneath The Streets. Later, Dr. Know, previous guitarist of Bad Brains, would join up and produce The Weight Of The World, which had a fair bit more funk influence than Token Entry's earlier releases, but that album has no place on this blog. Great band for fans of Raw Power, Bad Brains, Criminal Damage, Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies, and Nuclear Assault.

Empty Vessel - Empty Vessel 7'' (2010)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Empty Vessel are a creative three piece band from Portland, OR that draw influence from nearly all styles of hardcore. This is quite a debut, in fact I haven't heard a debut this good in a long time. The tracks rarely break the 1 minute mark here. Great production. This release is easily competing for my favorite release of 2010. All fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Minutemen, Black Flag, Poison Idea, A Global Threat, Criminal Damage, Confines, Citizen's Patrol, Autistic Youth, My Dog's A Cat, Raw Power, Severed Head Of State, Social Circkle, Socialcide, and Unruled NEED to listen to this.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sex Vid

Genre: Hardcore

Does the vocalist sound as drunk as he looks? Pretty damn close. Sex Vid is a hardcore band from Washington state with members residing in Seattle and Olympia. Nothing too special here, just straight up mid tempo hardcore with some noticeable thrash influence. Good dirty production and shitty tattoos. Good for fans of Natural Law and Manipulation.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Criminal Damage

Genre: Street Punk

Old school punk done right with a certain charm to it. Fairly clich├ęd punk lyrics but it doesn't take away from the tunes. A little Motorhead influence showing up occasionally throughout both of their full lengths but Criminal Damage tends to be pretty friendly tunage. Good easy listening old school brand punk. Drummer of His Hero Is Gone / Tragedy plays guitar and fronts this band. Good for fans of A Global Threat, Insomnio, Discharge, and Motorhead.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Violent Arrest

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Straight up hardcore punk in the vein of "Beat The Bastards" era Exploited from England. Featuring ex-members of Ripcord, Heresy, Can't Decide, Excrement Of War, Screamer, Bombblastmen, and even The Varukers. Somewhat of a hardcore punk super group yet somehow fairly unheard of. Two full lengths, one from 06 and one from this year. Stylistically they are almost identical, the production is a bit more polished on Minute Manifestos, a bit too polished.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Direct Control - Bucktown Hardcore (2010)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Tankcrimes has decided to release a collection of Direct Control demos all on one LP. Nothing new here if you have heard both You're Controlled and Nuclear Tomorrow, just interesting early recordings of the songs. Great for fans of Wasted Time, Government Warning, Southside Stranglers, and every other mind busting Richmond, VA hardcore band.

Natural Law

Genre: Hardcore

No doubt my favorite hardcore of 2010. This band will rip your ear drums apart, calling them intense would be an understatement. Sounds like a sick combination of Nightstick Justice and Socialcide pushed to the extremes. The production on both releases is great. Very dirty and very heavy.


Genre: Hardcore

Extremely frantic hardcore from of course, Virginia. Think Natural Law meets Direct Control. GO! STOP! GO! STOP! GO! STOP! STOP! GO! FUCK!

Southside Stranglers

Genre: Garage Punk / Hardcore

Richmond, VA has to be the best source of hardcore punk I've ever seen. The list goes on: Government Warning, Wasted Time, Direct Control, Municipal Waste, and now Southside Stranglers. Take Kenny of GW, Brandon of GW and Direct Control, and some other drunk dudes and you've got Southside Stranglers. What do they sound like? Imagine Elvis Presley on every drug imaginable trying to front Poison Idea. "Too Much TV" is a heavy competitor for my favorite release of this year so far, check it out for sure.

Vile Gash - Vile Gash 7'' (2010)

Genre: Hardcore / Crust

War Ripper meets Nightstick Justice. Ferocious dark hardcore from Columbus, OH. Very dirty production in the same vein as War Ripper's old Hell Storm EP. Songs rarely break the 1 minute mark excluding the plodding outro.

Zero Progress - Derailed 7'' (2010)

Genre: Hardcore / Crossover

Very aggressive hardcore from Danville, CA. Nothing new here, just the same old GO! STOP! GO! STOP! hardcore in the vein of Black Flag, Nightstick Justice, Acid Reflux, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, and Double Negative. Nothing bad to say about this release, check it out, it's good shit.

White Lung    the sweatshop w/ BISON and JAWS

Genre: Punk

White Lung is a four piece punk band from Vancouver, BC playing a fairly unique brand of punk. It would be quite difficult for me to compare them to anything else I've posted on the blog as this is probably the lightest band I've posted. If any of you bothered to check out the last Insomnio album "No Escape" you may have a slight idea of what to expect here. White Lung is like the female version of Insomnio but with a much more unique sound. The guitars and vocals are definitely the stand-outs on White Lung's releases. The guitars tend to take on a sort of surf punk sound much like what the Dead Kennedy's and The Clash did decades ago. Most of you will probably hate this band and wonder what the fuck is happening to my music taste but I thought I would post it for the sake of having something different up.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Insomnio - No Escape (2007)

Genre: Punk

Compared to what I normally post, this album is a step in a slightly different direction. Normally I don't get much out of punk lacking noisy hardcore influence but this band is different, they really stick out from the rest. The vocals are what really caught my attention, not totally sure why, they just have a certain charm to them. The drumming is also superb, really keeps the band going. Spanish punkers Insomnio won't leave fans of Government Warning and A Global Threat disappointed. Extremely catchy and comforting punk.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Instinct Of Survival - Screams Of Suffering EP (2010)

Genre: Crust Punk / Metal

German ogre vocals, excessive down tuning, extremely stompy riffs, what could go wrong? The answer is nothing, Instinct Of Survival pleases yet again with their new EP Screams Of Suffering. The production and style is almost identical to North Of Nowhere, every track on this EP would have fit nicely in their 2009 full length. One of the heaviest bands I've ever heard. Definitely check these guys out if you're into Nuclear Death Terror, After The Bombs, or Extinction Of Mankind.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nightstick Justice - Mindless Violence EP (2007)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

More Nightstick Justice for you. Probably their heaviest release, every track is a wave of aggression. Good production and seriously good tunage. If you like the previous posts then you'll love this one, give it a shot.

Nighstick Justice - Demo (2007)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Another killer Nightstick Justice release. Production is fairly thin on this release but everything is very clear and once again nothing is taken away from the music by it. Style is almost identical to their work on the Claustrophobic EP. Take a listen.

Nightstick Justice - Claustrophobic EP (2007)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Supercharged heavy as shit hardcore punk Nighstick Justice will kill you. Think Demolition Hammer playing hardcore punk. The songs are very aggressive from every angle. Decent production, a bit muffled when shit really starts hitting the fan but it doesn't take away from the music at all. Probably my favorite release from the band, Sick And Tired is easily my favorite track from the bands discography, more to come assholes!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Citizens Patrol - Dead Children EP (2008)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Ultra fast hardcore punk with loads of crossover influence from the Netherlands of all places... Vocals are very aggressive and sound kind of like a disgusting monster mix of Wattie of The Exploited and Tony Foresta from Municipal Waste, which is good. Really damn good production here as well. Terrorist Attack will destroy you, badass mind busting ballsack of a track indeed. For fans of Direct Control, Municipal Waste, Wasted Time, Chronic Seizure. That's all for tonight, more posts some other time this month.

Chronic Seizure - Ancient Wound (2008)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Super aggressive thrashy hardcore punk from Chicago. Really bassy production and the guitars are fairly muffled but it shouldn't get in the way of your listening too much. Lots of thrash influence here, more aggressive than your run of the mill hardcore punk band. Great release for fans of Nightstick Justice, Citizens Patrol, Public Nuisance, and Toxic Narcotic.

Career Suicide - SARS EP (2003)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Reaaally good EP right here. Probably my favorite Career Suicide release. The opening track "Quarantined" should be enough to convince you that this band is worth checking out. Best hardcore punk the Great Canadian North has to offer. For fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time.

Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide (2006)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

Sorry for the long break from posting, just got lazy, anyways you can expect a bunch of shit tonight. First up is Career Suicide's "Attempted Suicide". Energetic, super charged, pissed off Canadian hardcore punk for you here. Great production, pissed vocals, fast drumming, all in all great sprinting down the side of a mountain music. Great for fans of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time, Citizens Patrol, Annihilation Time, Social Circkle, and Socialcide.