Friday, February 5, 2010

Dr. Livingdead - Thrashing The Law (2008)

1.You're Not the Law02:13
2.Gremlin's Night02:32
3.I Need Thrash (Not You)02:25
4.Kindergarten Cop02:07
5.Dr. Living Dead02:15
6.Kerry Burger King02:00
Total playing time13:32

Heathen - The Evolution Of Chaos (2009/2010)

2.Dying Season05:41
3.Control by Chaos07:09
4.No Stone Unturned11:10
5.Arrows of Agony06:40[view lyrics]
6.Fade Away05:45
7.A Hero's Welcome06:52
10.Red Tears of Disgrace05:52
11.Silent Nothingness06:51[view lyrics]

Tiger Junkies - D Beat Street Rock N' Rollers

1.Sex, Sex, Sex02:57
2.Stupid Posers Deserve To Die03:24
3.It's Fucking Happy Time02:24
4.We Are Motherfuckers01:06
5.Porno Slut (The Exploited cover)02:02[view lyrics]
6.D-beat Street Rock N Rollers02:05
7.Metal Punk03:52
8.Tiger Bitch Got A Fuck02:46
9.Sick Of Tiger01:54
10.Satanik Metal Fucking Hell (Abigail cover)03:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time26:08

Tiger Junkies is a side project of Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). Tons of Motorhead/Discharge influence. Definitely not the best D Beat record out there but I thought I would upload it just in case you guys are interested in hearing Joel Grind in a Metal Punk band.

Warbringer - Waking Into Nightmares (2009)

1.Jackal03:07[view lyrics]
2.Living In a Whirlwind03:19[view lyrics]
3.Severed Reality03:57[view lyrics]
4.Scorched Earth03:42[view lyrics]
5.Abandoned by Time04:19[view lyrics]
6.Prey for Death04:44[view lyrics]
7.Nightmare Anatomy04:00
8.Shadow From the Tomb04:05[view lyrics]
9.Senseless Life04:55[view lyrics]
10.Forgotten Dead04:03[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:14

Inepsy - No Speed Limit For Destruction (2007)

1.Rock n' Roll is the Only Way05:45
2.No Speed Limit for Destruction04:37
3.Among the Remains04:54
4.10 Packs of Smokes04:32
5.Run Away...03:11
6.Time Bomb!03:05
7.Warriors of the Wasteland05:02
8.Fast Way to Die04:00
9.Wild City Night05:21
Total playing time40:29

Inepsy - City Weapons (2004)

1.Invading City / Weapons02:36
2.City / Weapons05:19[view lyrics]
3.M.O.A.B03:23[view lyrics]
4.Ride 'till I Die03:33[view lyrics]
5.Inferno Machine03:53
6.The Fury of Destruction02:18
7.Break the Chains04:45[view lyrics]
8.Bombmshell Rock02:35
9.No Order, Disorder02:07
10.The Last Call03:47[view lyrics]


Inepsy - RNR Babylon (2003)

1.Who's Next02:32
2.Lost the Ride03:36
3.R'n'R Babylon03:03
4.The Aftermath of Progress01:54
5.Street City Kids03:45
6.Conspiracy WW III02:22
7.See You in Hell04:10
8.If You'll Die, I'll Die02:05
9.Born for the Road03:55
10.We Are Here to Climb03:14


F.K.U. - Where Moshers Dwell (2009)

Where Moshers Dwell cover (Click to see larger picture)
1.Welcome To Your Nightmare01:23
2.Where Moshers Dwell03:14[view lyrics]
3.Twitch Of The Thrash Nerve03:11[view lyrics]
4.Faster Than The Shark02:15[view lyrics]
5.The Pit And The Poser03:29[view lyrics]
6.Dead Coroner01:48[view lyrics]
7.Almost Metal00:13
8.Hate Your Guts (Love Your Brain)03:44[view lyrics]
9.Bedilia - Back For Cake03:25[view lyrics]
10.Worms00:30[view lyrics]
11.Sleepwalker Texas Ranger01:55[view lyrics]
12.He Knows The Drill01:10[view lyrics]
13.Six Feet Ăśnderwear00:23[view lyrics]
14.Phantom Killer Attack02:51[view lyrics]
15.Blairsville Blues01:10[view lyrics]
16.Horror Metal Moshing Machine03:15[view lyrics]
17.Highway To Horror06:01[view lyrics]

Fatality - Beers From The Grave (2009)

1.Victims of the Dead03:43
2.Bleed Me Useless03:49
4.No Use for the Living04:38
5.Today I Will Hang04:49
6.Meet Me at the Graveyard03:26
Total playing time32:18

Invection - Derealization EP (2010)

2.Stunted Survival04:01
3.Demented Perception05:31
4.Noetic Affliction04:41
Total playing time18:11


Evile - Enter The Grave (2007)

1.Enter the Grave04:30[view lyrics]
2.Thrasher03:09[view lyrics]
3.First Blood04:20[view lyrics]
4.Man Against Machine06:21[view lyrics]
5.Burned Alive05:54[view lyrics]
6.Killer from the Deep04:40[view lyrics]
7.We Who Are About to Die07:43[view lyrics]
8.Schizophrenia04:18[view lyrics]
9.Bathe in Blood06:22[view lyrics]
10.Armoured Assault05:38[view lyrics]

Evile - Infected Nations (2009)

1.Infected Nation05:33[view lyrics]
2.Now Demolition05:46[view lyrics]
3.Nosophoros05:29[view lyrics]
4.Genocide07:42[view lyrics]
5.Plague To End All Plagues05:55[view lyrics]
6.Devoid Of Thought05:37[view lyrics]
7.Time No More04:00[view lyrics]
8.Metamorphosis07:40[view lyrics]
9.Hundred Wrathful Deities (Instrumental)11:41

Eruption - Lifeless Paradise (2009)

1.Prayers, Betrayers05:11[view lyrics]
2.Monumental Mind04:52[view lyrics]
3.The Auditors04:15[view lyrics]
4.Democracy05:47[view lyrics]
5.Electrifried04:21[view lyrics]
6.Playing With Matches04:27[view lyrics]
7.Twisted Reality07:35[view lyrics]
8.Inner Wastelands06:11
9.The Sands Of Time04:59[view lyrics]

Discharge - Disensitise (2008)

1.Blood of the Innocent02:45
3.What Method What Madness02:34
4.They Lie You Die02:46
5.Becomes Again and Again02:12
6.Spoils of War02:05
7.Persuasion = Power03:22
8.Web of Disadvantage02:26
9.Ignorance Your Surrender02:29
10.Kept in the Dark02:40
11.You Have the Gun02:34
12.Will Deceive You02:18
13.Beginning of the End02:34
14.No Return02:41

Demolition Hammer - Epidemic Of Violence (1992)

1.Skull Fracturing Nightmare05:44[view lyrics]
2.Human Dissection05:04[view lyrics]
3.Pyroclastic Annihilation04:55[view lyrics]
4.Envenomed03:14[view lyrics]
5.Carnivorous Obsession05:52[view lyrics]
6.Orgy of Destruction00:51
7.Epidemic of Violence04:20[view lyrics]
8.Omnivore04:36[view lyrics]
9.Aborticide04:57[view lyrics]

Children Of Technology - The Day After (2008)

1.Children of Technology (Intro)
2.Postnuclear Quarantine02:11
3.No Fuel, No Hope!!!02:07
4.The Road Warriors02:57
5.Vultures over Cities in Flames02:20
6.Death's Fury04:16

Bonded By Blood - Feed The Beast (2008)

Feed the Beast cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.Immortal Life02:55[view lyrics]
2.Feed the Beast04:52[view lyrics]
3.Psychotic Pulse04:28[view lyrics]
4.Necropsy03:18[view lyrics]
5.Mind Pollution03:26[view lyrics]
6.Another Disease03:23[view lyrics]
7.The Evil Within04:48[view lyrics]
8.Tormenting Voices02:50[view lyrics]
9.Civil Servant03:48[view lyrics]
10.Self Immolation03:26[view lyrics]
11.Vengeance03:25[view lyrics]
12.Theme From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles01:13[view lyrics]