Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Insomnio - No Escape (2007)

Genre: Punk

Compared to what I normally post, this album is a step in a slightly different direction. Normally I don't get much out of punk lacking noisy hardcore influence but this band is different, they really stick out from the rest. The vocals are what really caught my attention, not totally sure why, they just have a certain charm to them. The drumming is also superb, really keeps the band going. Spanish punkers Insomnio won't leave fans of Government Warning and A Global Threat disappointed. Extremely catchy and comforting punk.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Instinct Of Survival - Screams Of Suffering EP (2010)

Genre: Crust Punk / Metal

German ogre vocals, excessive down tuning, extremely stompy riffs, what could go wrong? The answer is nothing, Instinct Of Survival pleases yet again with their new EP Screams Of Suffering. The production and style is almost identical to North Of Nowhere, every track on this EP would have fit nicely in their 2009 full length. One of the heaviest bands I've ever heard. Definitely check these guys out if you're into Nuclear Death Terror, After The Bombs, or Extinction Of Mankind.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nightstick Justice - Mindless Violence EP (2007)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

More Nightstick Justice for you. Probably their heaviest release, every track is a wave of aggression. Good production and seriously good tunage. If you like the previous posts then you'll love this one, give it a shot.

Nighstick Justice - Demo (2007)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Another killer Nightstick Justice release. Production is fairly thin on this release but everything is very clear and once again nothing is taken away from the music by it. Style is almost identical to their work on the Claustrophobic EP. Take a listen.

Nightstick Justice - Claustrophobic EP (2007)

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Supercharged heavy as shit hardcore punk Nighstick Justice will kill you. Think Demolition Hammer playing hardcore punk. The songs are very aggressive from every angle. Decent production, a bit muffled when shit really starts hitting the fan but it doesn't take away from the music at all. Probably my favorite release from the band, Sick And Tired is easily my favorite track from the bands discography, more to come assholes!