Friday, May 21, 2010

Whiplash - Power & Pain [1985]

Power & Pain is possibly my favorite Old School Thrash album of all time. This album never fails to deliver full speed, energetic, skull breaking Thrash anthems. Every song on this album is a single. The riffs are some of the most intense things I have ever heard come from a guitar. Tony's unique riffing style is really what makes this album so great. I couldn't think of another album that displays Thrash in a more pure form, not even Bonded By Blood is as thrashy as Power & Pain. Everything about this album is near perfection, the only downside is the overly crunchy production. Power & Pain will not fail to deliver you quality Thrash Anthems.

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  1. more brutal thrash shit to make me shit my pants. this is a must listen to while drinking madd beer