Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children Of Technology - It's Time To Face The Doomsday [2010]

Children Of Technology return to the Metal Punk hall of fame with their first full length release to date! It has always amazed me how Children Of Technology had managed to develop such a strong and dedicated fan base in a three year time span without releasing a single full length. They have 8 previous releases before this one since 2008, consisting of 1 demo, a DVD, 4 splits, and two singles. These guys are Metal Punk Machines, releasing new material constantly. Now enough praise, lets get to the music itself. This album is so fun. Children Of Technology are the only modern band I have come across to date that can capture the energetic and catchy sound Motorhead and Discharge were playing throughout the 80's. The music is so incredibly entertaining, true rock and roll spirit. Astwulf's vocals are so unique and add so much to the band. The production on the record is fair, really bassy, but still good enough to enjoy to its full potential. Great release from one of my new favorite bands. These guys rule the Italian Metal Punk Wasteland with an iron fist.

Children of Technology members (Click to see larger picture)

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