Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alcoholator - Drunker Than Thou [2010]

First of all, let me make it clear I haven't abandoned the blog, I am just waiting for more releases to pop up this year. It's been fairly slow since the end of April when Razormaze popped out their new EP. So I bring you Alcoholator tonight, a brand new thrash band from Montreal, Canada featuring Abusor's Matt Butcher on vocals and guitar, and guitarist and drummer from Under The Grave. This 5 song demo is a very refreshing reminder that the thrash scene is still booming. Alcoholator surprised the shit out of me when they appeared out of nowhere in February on Thrash Unlimited. Their tracks are catchy as hell party thrash anthems. Every song revolves around getting drunk as shit and fucking shit up, whats new eh? They definitely do it right, though. Every song is as catchy as the last and the production is fairly good. Total Bay Area Wankery here, bleeding Exodus influence all over. The band released it for free today so don't feel bad DL'ing it, enjoy!

Promo 2010 | By Jessica Labrie | Alcoholator ( Demo Online NOW + Bassist Needed)

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