Sunday, October 4, 2009

Austrian Death Machine - Double Brutal (2009)

1.Double Ahhnold01:22
2.I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle03:53
3.Let Off Some Steam Bennett03:14
4.Who Writes the Songs?01:05
5.It's Simple, If it Jiggles it's Fat01:44
6.See You at the Party Richter03:33
7.Hey Cookie Monster, Nothing is as Brutal as Neaahhh03:33
8.Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?03:12
9.Come on Cohaagen, Give Deez People Ehyar03:18
10.Who is Your Daddy, and What Does He? 200:23
11.Come on, Do it, Do it, Come on, Come on, Kill me, Do it Now02:58
12.Allow Me To Break The Ice02:09
13.Conan, What is Best in Life?02:29
14.Intro to the Intro00:51
15.T2 Theme01:13
16.Hell Bent for Leather (Judas Priest Cover)02:32
17.Time Travel: The Metallica Conspiracy00:34
18.Trapped Under Ice03:59
19.Iron Fist (Motörhead cover)02:37
20.Recalling Mars00:35
21.I Turned into a Martian (Misfits cover)01:27
22.Killing is My Business…and Business is Good (Megadeth cover)03:03
23.Tactically Dangerous - Cannibal Commando (Goretorture cover)02:34
24.Gotta Go (Agnostic Front cover)03:11

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