Monday, March 15, 2010

Evil Army - Evil Army (2006)

1.Edge Of Destruction00:43
2.Evil Army02:00[view lyrics]
3.Driven To Violence01:18[view lyrics]
4.Realm Of Death03:57[view lyrics]
5.Wrong Approach01:13[view lyrics]
6.Sgt. Says Kill01:52[view lyrics]
7.Conquer Human Life03:28[view lyrics]
8.Severe Mental Disorder01:06[view lyrics]
9.Relentless Assault02:36[view lyrics]
10.Satan Made Me Do It00:46[view lyrics]
11.Scum Of The Earth01:13[view lyrics]
12.Watch Me Fall03:27[view lyrics]
13.Friday The 13th01:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:57

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