Monday, March 8, 2010

Cross Examination - Menace II Sobriety (2008)

1.Return Of The Shredder01:55
2.Maximum Overchill01:44[view lyrics]
3.Necroponics02:29[view lyrics]
4.Unlimited Chainsaw01:15[view lyrics]
5.Arson Party Squad02:51[view lyrics]
6.Collateral Jam-Age02:19[view lyrics]
7.Thrashin' For The Cash In (Royalty Check)01:35[view lyrics]
8.Raid Your Fridge00:57[view lyrics]
9.Menace To Sobriety02:22[view lyrics]
10.Blackout03:11[view lyrics]
11.Operation Devastation01:06[view lyrics]
12.The Wimp Chipper03:32
Total playing time25:16

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