Sunday, December 5, 2010

White Lung    the sweatshop w/ BISON and JAWS

Genre: Punk

White Lung is a four piece punk band from Vancouver, BC playing a fairly unique brand of punk. It would be quite difficult for me to compare them to anything else I've posted on the blog as this is probably the lightest band I've posted. If any of you bothered to check out the last Insomnio album "No Escape" you may have a slight idea of what to expect here. White Lung is like the female version of Insomnio but with a much more unique sound. The guitars and vocals are definitely the stand-outs on White Lung's releases. The guitars tend to take on a sort of surf punk sound much like what the Dead Kennedy's and The Clash did decades ago. Most of you will probably hate this band and wonder what the fuck is happening to my music taste but I thought I would post it for the sake of having something different up.

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