Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guided Cradle - You Will Not Survive (2007)

Genre: Thrash / Crust / D-Beat

Now this is what I have been looking for. Guided Cradle is the most perfect blend of Thrash Metal and Crust Punk I have ever heard, perhaps we may call it Thrust Punk. Take Crust Punk, throw in a handful great thrashy riffs, and you got this album. The highlight of this album has to be the vocals. Perhaps there may have been a period in your Thrash Metal endeavors where you stumbled upon a rather obscure gem of a band called Morbid Scream? This guy sounds almost identical. The production is great, super heavy. I can't explain in text how awesome this album is. You'll have to listen yourself. Totally for fans of Morbid Scream, Instinct Of Survival, Oiltanker, Wolfpack, and Demolition Hammer.

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