Friday, February 5, 2010

Tiger Junkies - D Beat Street Rock N' Rollers

1.Sex, Sex, Sex02:57
2.Stupid Posers Deserve To Die03:24
3.It's Fucking Happy Time02:24
4.We Are Motherfuckers01:06
5.Porno Slut (The Exploited cover)02:02[view lyrics]
6.D-beat Street Rock N Rollers02:05
7.Metal Punk03:52
8.Tiger Bitch Got A Fuck02:46
9.Sick Of Tiger01:54
10.Satanik Metal Fucking Hell (Abigail cover)03:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time26:08

Tiger Junkies is a side project of Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). Tons of Motorhead/Discharge influence. Definitely not the best D Beat record out there but I thought I would upload it just in case you guys are interested in hearing Joel Grind in a Metal Punk band.

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